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Date of Visit:2009-12-14
Time of Visit:19:30
Spent time:2 hrs
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:We talked some to start and she is a bright chatty lady. She then initiated some nice french kissing with lovely tongue and lip nibbles. She then excused herself and came back with the most amazing lingerie showing off a perfect body. He breasts are large and incredibly kissable with lovely sensitive nipples. We moved to the bed where she stripped her and me completely and kissed me all over culminating in (covered) oral. I normally would not go for covered but her technique was incredible. We swung into a 69 for a while and then she mounted me cowgirl style. Lovely tight pussy and those incredible breast swaying in front almost had me cumming. After steadying our rhythm we made love in several positions. Lots of kissing touching and eye contact make it a superb GFE. After 20 mins we both came and afterwards had a nice cuddle, kiss, and chat. Grace is a real classy girl and deserves treating with a lot of respect. Lovely, lovely person who knows how to make a guy feel good.