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Waterloo can be located in the Central part of London. This locality is part of the London Borough of Lambeth and can be traced 1.6 km east of the Charing Cross. The area is a major business destination and experiences strong foothold during the day hours. The area is located on the northern banks of River Thames. The location falls under Strand Area of London. The first bridge that leads to this site was opened during the early part of 19th Century; most probably the date is 1817. The second and most recent bridge was opened in 1945. This bridge was constructed in memory of those who lost their lives in the Battle of Waterloo. The Battle took place in 1815. The Waterloo Road dates back since then and was constructed over the land being owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


The Waterloo Railway Station was established in 1848 and since then, this place has achieved more footholds. Presently, it is one of the busiest and most important tourist spots in London. In fact, it is a favorite weekend spot for many. In the last few decades, plenty of entertainment zones have grown in this part of the land. Several luxury eateries, hard rock centers, drinking zones, and adult clubs can be seen in near proximity to the location. The nights are colorful, and a boat ride through the Thames can be a wonderful experience. The public library is really huge and feature one of the best collection of books in England. It was established in 1893. However, the library was closed during the early part of 1960s. Presently, it serves as Waterloo Action Center. Head towards Roupell Street and you will observe the amazing Georgian houses that are often part of movie sets and film locations. Here, during the dark hours of the day, you will notice lustrous Chinese escorts standing nearby. There are Japanese escorts and other oriental escorts waterloo too available to meet your sexual desires.  



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